Jon Rarick

Community Navigator

United Senior Services 

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My role as a Navigator

As a lifelong resident outside of Sringfield, I have grown to know the community and the work the Naivgtor Program is accomplishing. 
I have a strong background in leading businesses.  This position allows me to partner with business owners who often just need a little support to help them get to the next level. 
As a licensed nursing home administrator, I have led organizations that serve the senior population in various settings including:  independent living, assisted living, short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, home health, meals on wheels, and other related services.  I have also served on various non-profit and for-profit boards.  With so much time in operations, I understand many of the professional (and personal) pressures all business owners face when leading an organization. This made me a perfect Navigator to work with the Older Adult Community.

When I am not meeting with clients I spend time on my newest endeavor is writing a book that I have put off for the last several years.  As a turnaround specialist, the book focuses on lessons I have learned (often the hard way) of core values, principles, and practices I have found invaluable in bringing calm to chaos, rebuilding a positive culture, and getting financial results without “being a jerk!”  Although not a hobby, my wife and I enjoy the new adventure of spending time with our grandchildren.  


When done well, leading a business can be very fulfilling.  Advice: 

  1. Just like productivity is always better than activity, growing profit is always more valuable than growing revenue. 

  2. Listening to the” voice of the market” is critical for growing your business!  Fortunately, 80+% of what you need to hear comes from two sources: 

    1. Your customers and

    2. Your staff who work face to face with your customers. 

Consistently listening to this part of your business will provide good insight into the true needs of your market and offer potential ways to absolutely differentiate yourself from your competition.