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Reggie Troutman

Community Navigator Program Director

My role as the Program Director

Born, raised and currently reside in Dayton but I’ve been working in Springfield for just under 10 years. I took this position because I see that major work needs to be done in the space of community development in our area, especially when it comes to underserved communities… and I knew that this program would be an amazing opportunity for us to try and do something about that. I grew up in Dayton in a family filled with Black Business Owners; but even then (at a young age) I saw the lack of knowledge and assistance towards available resources which could help a lot of Business Owners in underserved areas.  So, this position allows me to interact with the communities that need these resources (or at least the information) the most and help create meaningful IMPACT in these communities.  

My previous business career has led me to various positions of leadership for organizations such as Delphi & Sherwin-Williams over the past decade.  No matter what the position was, I have learned through these varied experiences that the highest form of “Leadership” is service.  Service to your community, service to your team, your clients, and your organization's goals & mission!  This position has allowed me to exercise all these acts of service while working alongside some of the most talented people this area has to offer!

“I have never met an extraordinary person.  The older I get, the more I realize that “Superman & Superwoman” just don’t exist.  Instead, I have only met ordinary people who have found ways to do extraordinary things… Success isn’t a birthright, it’s a Mindset… go realize your dream(s)”   

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