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Lawrence Beavers

Community Navigator

1159 South Communtiy Developement


My role as a Navigator

I was born in Springfield and raised at 1159 South Yellow Springs St. That became the inspiration for my passion and instrumental in Co- Founder of 1159 South Community Developement, serving the South side of Springfield. I have worked in the Community as a State certified Peer Supporter, Mental Health Professional (QMHS), advocate for disadvantged populations throughout the south side and within the City. I hold a BA in human services and have strong connections with various churches, pantries and other concerned entities that allow me to be very effectice in connecting the residents on the south side with necessary community resources to enhance their overall living conditions.

Love and concern for the neighborhood that I grew up in, is why I became a Navigator. My hope is that I may contribute to the revitalization and rejuventation of the South side of Springfield.  My passion and love for seeing people live well made me the ideal person for this endeavor.

When I am not helping clients, I love to play chess, attend sporting events and concerts & spend time with my family.

"If you can see it in your hand, you can hold it in your hand" (Steve Harvey)

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