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Marty Fagans

Community Navigator

 Developmental Disabilities of Clark County

My role as a Navigator

I have been a Springfield resident since 2010. Serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those who serve them has been my passion.

Many year's ago I took a job in a state hospital working with disabled people to pay for college and this has become my life's work. I had many different jobs working with people with disabilities in the public and private sector. I have been doing what I love for over 40 years, serving people with disabilities in leadership positions with private and public organizations.  I have provided opportunities for people and created hundreds of jobs in the greater Toledo area while developing residential facilities and home health care.  

When I am not working my passion, I love to hike, fish, camp and spend time outdoors.

"One of the most important lessons I have learned in my career is that people are hired for what they know and fired for who they are. People are a company's greatest asset"

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