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Neal Browning

Community Navigator

OIC of Clark County

My role as a Navigator

Springfield has always been home. After serving in the Military (USMC) for 6 years, I returned home in 1987 and have been here ever since. 

 I have been serving returning Citizens, Underserved in Job and Career Training for 14 years.

 I am a servant at heart, so I love to see those that are not expected to succeed, do so. I have compassion and empathy for those I serve. 

My background and working with 6 Institutions doing Pre and Post- Release mentoring and training has allowed me to work in positions that connect me to the Community. Coaching, Ministry, leading a very successful Recreation Program in Lincoln Park Circle, a successful High School Basketball career and serving in the USMC are great accomplishments that help connect with clients. 

When I am not helping clients, I write poetry and songs, go to movies, concert and travel. 

"Why not you and why not NOW"

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